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Enough, already, with all this holiday music clogging our favorite stations!

It’s what might finally motivate me to dump the ordinary airwaves for satellite radio. If you don’t get enough holiday music in elevators, supermarkets and malls, now they’re stealing the only classical music station in the D.C. area, WGMS, and playing non-stop carols and holiday “favorites.” They started at Thanksgiving. Obviously, the mutton-heads at Bonneville don’t know the difference between classical music and beer hall songs, which so many holiday carols are derived from. It’s downright insufferable. Even worse is the Clear Channel’s WASH-FM, which converted to 100% seasonal drivel weeks before Thanksgiving! I enjoy the old favorites as much as the next guy, but in the days, or maybe a week, leading up to Christmas, not for a whole month or longer. Help! You can comment on either station’s web site. If you agree with me, I hope you do.