Crime Report: After State Theatre Shooting, 4 More Violent Crimes Reported in F.C. This Week

A disturbing Falls Church crime report was released Wednesday as after last week’s reported triple shooting at the State Theatre, there are several more violent crimes appearing again this week. In today’s report, there are two reports of sexual assaults, one report of domestic assault and one report of an assault. In addition, the vehicle thefts continue in Falls Church with reports of two more stolen.

Both reported sexual assaults took place on W. Broad Street, with one in the 800 block and the other in the 300 block. The domestic assault, which resulted in the arrest of a 65-year-old Falls Church woman, took place on N. Maple Avenue and also resulted in an assaulting a police officer charge and the other assault occurred on W. Broad Street.

Concerning the stolen vehicles, ones was a motorcycle taken from S. Maple Avenue and the other was a vehicle stolen from the parking lot of Koons Ford.


City of Falls Church Crime Report: January 25 – 31, 2016

Stolen Vehicle, 400 block S. Maple Ave. On Jan. 26, police received a report of a stolen motorcycle.

Robbery, 110 N. West St. (7-Eleven) On Jan. 27, two unknown males entered the store and restrained an employee to obtain the store’s cash.

Larceny from Motor Vehicle, 300 block Grove Ave. On Jan. 28, police received a report of personal items stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

Stolen Vehicle, 1051 E. Broad St. (Koons Ford) On Jan. 28, police received a report that a vehicle was stolen from the parking lot.

Larceny from Motor Vehicle, 1051 E. Broad St. (Koons Ford) On Jan. 29, police received a report of a license plate stolen from a vehicle.

Assault, 500 block W. Broad St. On Jan. 30, police received a late report of an assault that occurred.

Sexual Assault, 800 block W. Broad St. On Jan. 30, police received a report of a sexual assault which occurred earlier in the month.

Sexual Assault, 300 block W. Broad St. On Jan 30, police received a report that an acquaintance sexually assaulted the victim.

Larceny from Building, 370 W. Broad St. (Famous Dave’s) On Jan. 30, an unknown suspect stole an unattended phone.

Embezzlement and Shoplifting, 1230 W. Broad St. (Giant Foods) On Jan. 30, a female, 48, of Annandale, VA was arrested for Embezzlement and Shoplifiting and three counts of Petit Larceny.

Domestic Assault & Assaulting a Police Officer, 200 block N. Maple Ave. On Jan. 31, police arrested a female, 65, of the City of Falls Church, was arrested for Domestic Assault and Assaulting a Police Officer.