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The Strong Arm of Justice & Truth Descends on Mar-a-Lago

The angry ferocity of the GOP’s reaction to the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, plunging in to condemn it without the slightest knowledge of what the Justice Department’s justification for the search involves, is the latest evidence of the pervasive guilt that is now eating away at the psyches of all those who are screaming the loudest.

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Editorial: We Stand With Joe

In general, there is a definite prejudice, for example, against President Joe Biden. He’s a tough cookie, he’s had to be for the length of his remarkable political career, and he’s stood up very well against the relentless barrage of negative characterizations of his age, his speech (he has fought against an impediment his entire life) and his inability to simply wave a wand and get his way in Washington.