2024-07-15 7:06 AM

Editor’s Weekly Column: Who Is Sowing Division In the Democratic Party?

The saying goes, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

Another way of putting it is, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Who and what is behind the current dust up over the viability of President Biden’s reelection campaign? Is there any way the mass of forces who caused our nation to lurch so far toward chaos in 2016 by working to get the worst, most immoral and sociopathic figure in U.S. national politics ever elected to the White House? Is there any way they could be involved in this like they were in 2020 when they did all they could to keep Biden away from the White House?

Boy, they got a little help from a less than perfect performance by Biden in the last debate, and look what they’ve done with it!

The nation, not to mention the Democratic Party, is in an uproar over it, and the drumbeats are only getting louder now for Biden to step away from his campaign in favor of someone, anyone, else.
Twice now the New York Times has editorialized asking explicitly for no more Biden. The great PR machine of the one percent of the wealthiest Americans, who are worth as much as ninety percent of the rest of us, is in full mobilization.

Yes, that machine counts on the fears of many to fuel its dastardly aim, but it is not those fears, in and of themselves, that are responsible for this. No, it is that machine, that phalanx of institutions owned and run by multi billionaires, including the New York Times and other major media outlets, that has seen its chance in Biden’s less than perfect debate performance. It is building off the relentless attack on Biden for his age that was non-stop since four years ago, and now is going in for the kill.

That’s even though, mind you, it doesn’t have the means to do it, itself, but only those whom it assaults in a full court press of multimedia pressure do.

Remember, it wasn’t anybody from that realm who allowed for Biden to be elected the first time. It was an African-American senator from South Carolina, James Clyburn, who rallied his party to back Biden for what has been, to date, one of the most effective presidential terms in almost a century.

America’s ruling elites fear Biden for good reason, as we’ve seen what he’s done since being in office. They want him gone, and have no hesitation in their willingness to back a convicted felon and contemptible human being in order to get their way. They’re willing to align themselves with the evil motives of Russia to invade and occupy Western Europe, too. They are not unaware that Trump was recruited into the Russian disinformation machine as long ago as 1987. They don’t care that he is effectively a treasonous Russian agent because he’s their gravy ticket.

So no wonder, New York Times, that you’ve never called for convicted felon Trump to drop out of an election, no wonder the Times has the audacity to say that results of polls of, maybe, 1,400 Americans are more valid than the 14 million who voted for Biden in this election cycle’s primaries.

No wonder that pundits bring forward all their misgivings about Biden, while the more than three dozen lies that Trump told (according to the fact checkers) in the last debate went wholly unchallenged. One of the worst pundit remarks (say it isn’t so, Stephen Colbert) claims the issue is between the greater good and an ego. Hardly.

It is highly ironic that Sen. Warner, as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is reportedly calling for Biden to step aside while in the same breath warning of Russian disinformation spoiling this election. In a statement this week he has warned that “our adversaries remain focused on stoking social, racial, and political tensions among Americans. The best thing Americans can do to help safeguard our election is avoid succumbing to nefarious foreign efforts to create division and sow chaos.”

Create division and sow chaos, eh? So shouldn’t Sen. Warner look at this current situation?”





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