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Editor’s Column: Are We Sleepwalking to a Second Trump Term?

Molly Jong-Fast’s article in the latest Vanity Fair, “Let’s Not Sleepwalk Into Another Trump Presidency,” suggests an unsettling proposition in its title. Indeed, if you add everything up, all the legal charges and salacious claims against Trump, his poor track record in elections since 2016 and revelations about his intentions […]

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Editor’s Column: Is There a ‘Glimmer of Hope’ For a Religious Truce Today?

Veteran Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne’s contribution this week has an intriguing title, “We Need a Truce in Our War Over Religion. Here’s a Glimmer of Hope.” “Houses of worship and other religious institutions play an essential role in promoting social connectedness, mutual aid and community building,” he acknowledges, and […]