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Televised Hearings of January 6 Coup Begin Tonight. Anyone Care?

Starting with prime time tonight (Thursday, June 9), the nation will become informed of a monstrous and widespread conspiracy orchestrated out of the highest office in the land to subvert democracy in the U.S. and impose an unlawful government over the people of the U.S. and by extrapolation over the world.

The criminal sedition directed by then President Trump to overturn the lawful election that defeated him in November 2020 resulted in the violent sacking of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the date designated by the U.S. Constitution for the lawful transfer of power of one U.S. presidential administration to its successor. The January 6 Special Committee of Congress that has conducted a year-long investigation of the events leading up to and including that day will begin to present its findings in a public hearing that will be televised live tonight.

The evidence compiled from over 1,000 in-person interviews and piles of records is expected to be devastating and incriminating of Trump and his cronies beyond any reasonable doubt.

The only unresolved issue coming out of this will be its impact on the American public. Will it give a damn, when all is said and done?

The evidence will be provided to show that a singular man, Donald Trump, set about to disenfranchise every citizen of this nation of 330 million to achieve his personal end.

It will be shown that he intended to rip you off, you personally, Mr. and Mrs. American citizen. It is not about a slight of hand to screw, if technically illegally, to hold onto the presidency. No, it is about this man reaching down into YOUR pocket and stealing your franchise for his own gain.
There is a loser in what he was intending, as will be shown in these hearings beginning tonight, and that loser is intended to be YOU. Do you even care? It matters far more than just as a footnote in the history books, about the failed coup of January 6, 2021.

It matters because, as one U.S. congressman put it this week, “We live in a threat environment right now” with scores of candidates and hundreds of pieces of legislation at the local, state and federal level designed to carry out going forward the coup that began on that day, led by people who still insist in the Big Lie that Trump won that November 2021 election, and that as a result, seek huge changes to acknowledge that “fact” and to fix it by wiping out our democracy.

Yes, we are living today in a “threat environment” that is deadening our sensibilities to these and other egregious crimes against U.S. citizens and their nation. Take the onslaught of murders of American children and other innocents in the recent period.

The most egregious case was in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 mostly 10 year old children were dismembered by an assault rifle while law enforcement officers stood and waited outside a door for the murderer to finish his work. If we, as a nation, can become desensitized to this kind of atrocity, then truly we may not deserve the kind of freedom our Founding Fathers worked so hard for us to enjoy and that countless of our brave and dedicated citizens fought and gave their lives to preserve over the last 200-plus years.

We are astonished by the sheer inhuman brutality that Putin has inflicted relentlessly on innocent Ukrainians the last 100 days. Yet we are permitting the same thing to be done to our own youth and other innocents in this country, in the name of the entitlement of certain people here, and so perhaps it is no wonder that we will be passively staring, beginning on national TV tonight, at the theft of our own rights and freedoms by the Trump coup effort.

It is truly ironic that these hearings into the biggest assault on our democracy since the Civil War come the same week that we recognize the great sacrifices of the Allied D-Day invasion to liberate the free world from the menace of Hitler’s genocidal fascism on June 6, 1944. There are those still alive today who were there for that invasion that preserved our freedom 75 years ago. For those who recall the sacrifices involved in that heroic defense of democracy, the sack of our own U.S. Capitol on January 6 last year turns our stomachs.

Those foul marauding traitors, like the four so-called Proud Boys charged in court this week with a criminal seditious conspiracy against our government (against YOU!) will be, for all intents and purposes, found guilty of treason against the very things our brave men and women fought to achieve at D-Day.