Letter to the Editor: Let Schools Out Now


Each year, FCCPS works to establish a school calendar. And each year, some folks argue for start in late August or after Labor Day. This late start makes little sense in terms of instruction (frankly the most common argument I hear is that people like their late summer discounts on Outer Banks rentals).

As of last Friday, FCCPS is largely done with instruction. SOLs are complete, seniors have next year plans settled, and AP and IB exams are over. Due to high stakes testing, teachers are required to get all of the education they need to impart for the year but the time those tests roll around.

But we will still go to school through the third week in June! I understand a week or two to wrap up, have field day, class celebrations, and makeup SOLs. Any more than that, we’re just asking teachers to babysit and watch the clock until we’ve hit the required number of school days.

If we ended the first week of June, we could instead start the school year in mid-August. A mid-August start better aligns with fall high school sports (practice starts first week of August), and with testing schedules. It might not matter to parents of 2nd graders but come junior year you might be frustrated to know that standardized tests are typically held the same day across the nation — so a kid in Indiana has 3 more weeks of learning under her belt when she and your kid take the AP Calculus exam.

Days of school before exams are productive days — days of school in June are… well they’re not worth the money you’ll save in Corolla.

Allison Hyra
Falls Church