Mustang Volleyball Remains Upbeat After A Rough Start

By Mike Abler

The Meridian Mustangs volleyball team suffered another loss, this time at an away game against Thomas Jefferson High School with a score of 3-1. This loss now puts the Mustangs at 0-7 before their next game against Warren County.

While many teams would scramble for answers, Head Coach Derek Baxter remains calm. “Our morale is fine, we just need to keep fighting and stay in control,” he said.

Meridian’s struggles have been inconsistent. They always show some fight in them but it seems like whenever they get something going, the other team easily overpowers them.

In the third set, the game went on past the game point because Meridian continued to fight. Meridian would win that set 26-24, only to get trounced in the final set of the game.

The Mustangs were blown out in the 2nd and final set but kept it close in the opening set. They were down 4-1 but quickly tied the game at 5 and kept it close before losing.

Head Coach Derek Baxter attributes his team’s struggles to the players rotating and learning their new positions.

Time is running out for Meridian this season. But there’s still time to take a stand to win some games to salvage what they have left.

Senior Natalie Burke agrees that team unity is strong, “We’ve had a lot of team bonding moments off the court.” But she added that “Something isn’t clicking and we’re trying to figure out what will work for us.”

Burke also mentioned that the team needs to mix things up in order to find something that works for them and focus on the mental components of the game in order to work as a team and secure a win.

However, Burke mentioned that it’s easier to do this, “When you’re winning instead of losing.” Sports can be as much of a psychological affair as it is a physical one.

Not only would Meridian need to figure out a helpful recipe, but they also need to find ways to foster strength on the court to get this right.

The fact that the team feels closeness and a willingness to solve this mystery is helpful.

The Mustangs are committed to finding answers instead of giving up.

The Mustangs may not have a shot at the playoffs, but to them, team unity and progression will be their championship this season. As long as they keep their heads up, things may slowly improve.