Powdered Alcohol Banned in Va.

Given the news this week that “palcohol,” or powdered alcohol, has been approved by the federal government, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and Del. Alfonso Lopez issued a statement noting that the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation this session to ban palcohol in Virginia because of the potential dangers for abuse and misuse.

Attorney General Herring issued the following statement on the recently passed legislation: “We moved to keep this potentially dangerous product out of Virginia because we knew that federal approval was pending and it would be difficult to address the problem after the fact. I’m glad the General Assembly agreed it was the right move to protect Virginians, especially young people, because the risk of abuse and misuse is just so high with this product.” Del. Lopez added, “Thanks to the work of AG Herring and the General Assembly, this week’s decision by the federal government will not endanger Virginia’s citizens. While I am disappointed that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau would approve this dangerous substance with such a high potential for abuse, I am proud that we were able to take action this session to protect our young people and ban powdered alcohol in Virginia.”