Letters to the Editor: Not Time to Spend $ on ‘Bright, Shiny’ Objects


Letters to the Editor: January 29 – February 4, 2015


Not Time to Spend $ on ‘Bright, Shiny’ Objects


All of us who feel ownership with Falls Church also “mull sorely-needed quick fixes” that would benefit our City.

The headline of the Falls Church News-Press January 22-28 issue announced a recent bright, shiny object catching an eye of our friends with influence of public spending. Now, stop and ask yourself, how many times have we read that water system sale money has been proposed for spending?

Before we do spend, remember that when we lost our water company, last year, the City retained our liability for the retirements of water system employees drawing their pensions – an amount that does not seem to be published.

So, once the correct amount has been contributed to the city retirement account, satisfying our liability to those who worked to serve us, a method that is certain to deliver professional decision-making by city management is to agree on a 20-year vision, develop a plan to get us there, and prioritize. Then it will be time to spend.

Jim Custer

Falls Church


Brick Sidewalks Pose More Danger Than Traditional Ones


In the January 22-28 edition of the Falls Church News-Press, an article on sprucing up downtown notes the real liability risk of uneven sidewalks. But the same article on the front page touts installation of new brick sidewalks. What folly – brick sidewalks are prone to quickly becoming uneven, bricks break, gaps develop, and walking becomes treacherous even for the sure footed, let alone anyone with uncertain balance or using a cane, walker, or wheelchair.

Having recognized dangers of uneven sidewalks, why create more of them – and likely spend more than traditional sidewalks cost doing it?

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church 


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