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Letters to the Editor: If You Want a Pool, Build It Yourself


Letters to the Editor: February 5 – 11, 2015


If You Want a Pool, Build It Yourself


While the rest of the world is being foreclosed upon, forced to work two jobs, and otherwise enduring a wobby economy, Ms. Parrotta wants to build and maintain a swimming pool at taxpayers’ expense. This has a “let them eat cake” ring that is irresistible.

Yes, Arlington has three public pools and Fairfax County has nine or 10, depending on who’s counting. This works out to one pool every 70,000 people and one pool every 130,000 people respectively! What are we – 13,000 tops? Do the math.

Economies of scale and our own voracious school system quash the idea. Proportionately, we would only be entitled to a rubber kiddie pool that you inflate and toss in the front yard. A library, OK, but a “relaxing” swimming pool?

No, those who want a swimming pool can build their own or join a public, private, or neighborhood pool. There are scads of them close by, and many are hurting for membership. The pool idea, whether it be for a household or a small “city,” is a perfect example of having to distinguish between what we might like to have and what we can’t live without.

Neil Shawen

Falls Church


New F.C. Shop, The Gun Dude, Is Not Sexist


I would like to thank Alice of Falls Church for noting the recent opening of our new store, The Gun Dude, above Bedo’s Leatherworks on West Broad Street.

As the store’s co-owner and creator of the Gun Dude brand name, I want to make sure that Alice and all Falls Church ladies know that, unlike many of our competitors, our store is not the least bit sexist and in fact is very female-friendly. We also welcome non-gun owners and the LGBT community.
I’d like to invite Alice and anyone else who may have concerns about our store to stop by for coffee or tea and a chat. You may be surprised by what you learn from your visit.

Christine Setness

Co-Owner, The Gun Dude 


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