Letters to the Editor: Not Thrilled With Return of Gun Store to F.C.


City of Falls Church: January 22 – 28, 2015


Not Thrilled With Return of Gun Store to F.C.


What a comfort it was to learn from your January 8 News Briefs that a firearms store, which was formerly located in the Bedo’s building, is once again opening on the second floor of Bedo’s in our Little City.

As a frequent walker, I had missed seeing the tower of empty gun boxes piled up every Monday morning following a busy weekend at Bedo’s former tenant. It gave me a warm and secure feeling to know that many residents and visitors had armed themselves on Saturday and Sunday.

I particularly like the classy new name of the store, “Gun Dude.” Of course it is somewhat sexist, so I would advise the new owners to consider an opening gambit which would appeal to mothers of Falls Church kiddies, possibly a “Pistol Packin’ Mama” half price special. Surely some will welcome the gun shop’s return home.

Alice Mandanis

Falls Church


No Longer Dine, Shop in City of F.C. Because of Towing


In her Guest Commentary in the January 8 News-Press, Susan Kearney used numerous dubious statistics including the whopper about comparing Falls Church to Fairfax County by using zip codes. The 22046 zip code is only about two-thirds in the city limits. Because zip codes don’t follow political boundaries, the City does not own the 22046 zip code or the Falls Church postal addresses. They are used for lots of Fairfax County.

John Hoskins

Falls Church


Budget $ Should Be Put Towards Infrastructure


Kudos to John Boeddeker and Duane Myers (Letters to the Editor, Dec 25-31, 2014 issue) regarding the money that the school system in the City is getting or asking for and will get. That means taxes will go up.

And Shaun Dakin (Letters to the Editor, January 8-14, 2015 issue) who wrote “if we don’t like the money spent on schools…move,” are you that arrogant or abrupt with your family and friends? You do know not everyone living in the City is here for the school system. Fair-fax County, Arlington County, Loudon County in Virginia and Montgomery County in Maryland have some excellent schools.

It would be nice to have money put in the budget for infrastructure. The sidewalks are uneven in many places. It would be horrible if anyone trips/falls. And, with all the building going to take place, there is never a whisper of the word parking. The new light at Pennsylvania & West Broad is great.

Also, with the money received last year, George Mason High School never allowed a warm coat/boots in the budget for someone to get out and change their “announcement board” in front of the school or maybe they are just so organized they are announcing next year’s holiday concert.

Barb Molino

Falls Church


Thanks to F.C. Police for Help With Dog Emergency


Recently my husband and I were out of town while our 18-year-old daughter stayed home by herself for the first time, with our dog, Arlo. The first day we were gone – almost 400 miles away – we received a frantic call from our daughter who’d come home from school to find that our dog’s paw was stuck between the bars of his crate. In the 13 years we’ve had Arlo, nothing like this had ever happened before. Our daughter was terrified for him. She tried to gently push the paw out, but it was truly stuck and the poor guy was in misery. We waited on the phone while she tried unsuccessfully to soap the paw loose. I next called our vet, then the City of Falls Church Police Department, thinking perhaps they could put me in touch with Animal Control. I had barely explained the situation to the dispatcher when she immediately responded that she would send an officer to our house. Within minutes three officers arrived at the front door. They were wonderful with our daughter, and with our dog, who doesn’t generally like strangers. They kept the dog calm while they worked to bend the crate bars so he could slide his paw out. Before they left, they made sure the dog was okay and could put weight on his paw. (We are happy to report that Arlo is fine – no broken toes – only a bruised ego. And we’ve replaced the metal crate with plastic!)

We are so grateful to live in a community where a response like this is not only possible, but standard. As emergencies go, we are thankful this was a dog-emergency and not a people-emergency, but nonetheless we are deeply grateful to the F.C. Police Department and to the officers who assisted our family that day. Our daughter didn’t get all of their names, but she recognized Officer Steve Rau from his previous duties as School Resource Officer at George Mason High School. To Officer Rau and the other responding officers, along with the entire F.C. Police Department, we want to say thank you so very much!

The Corlett Family

Falls Church


Why Not a Public Swimming Pool For Falls Church?


Last week I was enjoying Arlington County’s Banneker Dog Park when a Falls Church City resident recognized me and we began chatting. This mom was telling me about her 15 year old daughter who is on George Mason High’s swim team but instead of taking her daughter to a pool to swim laps she had to take her daughter to the school’s football field so she can run up and down the bleachers with her swim team since George Mason students did not have any place for the kids to practice. That conversation bothered me a lot especially since I was still debating the issue of whether or not F.C. should spend 11 million to renovate and add parking to Mary Riley Styles library.

Swimming pools are a great way to get exercise for adults and for children. The added benefit of no impact exercising on the body is a plus over impact filled activities. Kids and adults alike enjoy playing and relaxing around a pool. Summer time pool parties or a late night swim is always enjoyable when your city has its own pool for its residents.

Finally, I will end with a note that our city residents should not have to go looking into other counties trying to always use their facilities. We need to be more independent and to supply our own resources for our small community.

Dian Parrotta

Falls Church


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