2024-06-22 12:46 PM

Restaurant Spotlight of the Week: Pho Cyclo


For patrons craving cheap, authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, Pho Cyclo has been serving up a variety of dishes from traditional pho soups to fried rice platters since 2005 in the Yorktown Shopping Center.

Restaurant Spotlight: Yorktown Bistro


Amid the small nail salons, wine shops and convenience marts of the strip malls that dot the path of Lee Highway in the Yorktown neighborhood of Arlington, Yorktown Bistro has staked a posh space in an effort to distinguish itself from the environing hoi polloi.

Restaurant Spotlight: Sign of the Whale


Contrary to its bland exterior in Loehmann’s Plaza, the interior decoration of Sign of the Whale restaurant is reminiscent of the captain’s rooms in a 16th century pirate ship-dark wood paneling and arches shine in the dim glow of muted yellow lighting and cool air.

Restaurant Spotlight: Sichuan Wok


Sichuan Wok resides in a small house amid the residential high-rises of Ballston – iconic of Northern Virginia’s urban-suburban evolution. In the same way, the Sichuan Chinese restaurant resists the neighborhood gentrification and offers hearty meals with plenty of tang at little cost.

Restaurant Spotlight: T.H.A.I. in Shirlington

For an authentic Thai dinner, T.H.A.I. in Shirlington hits the spot. Nestled in the middle of Arlington’s Village at Shirlington, it is extremely identifiable by its bright yellow awning. T.H.A.I., an acronym standing for “Tasty Thai Cuisine, Hospitality and Warmth, Architectural Elegance, Innovative Seasonal Menus,” mixes those ingredients well to create a successful recipe for […]

Restaurant Spotlight: Saravana Palace

Saravana Palace is a vegetarian restaurant, which I knew would cause deviation from my familiar Indian dish orders. When I think of Indian food, I conjure pictures of Chicken Tikka Masala, Vindaloo and Korma. After three years in London, I became spoiled by the ability to run out for a curry, at any time of […]