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F.C. Councilman Letty Hardi Issues Informational Update

Hardi released the following update this morning: 

Dear Friends,

It was a packed long weekend and week with the official end of summer, kickoff of campaign season, and then back into a regular schedule with City Council meetings. As transportation safety is the top concern I hear from our residents, I’ll share more of what you can expect this fall. We continue to deploy a wide array of tools to improve safety on our streets — speed cameras in school zones that are up for a vote next week, 20 mph speed limits, and HAWK signals on Broad St will all be underway soon. And of course, the topic that keeps going – T Zones.

A civic event plug: with the regional and national housing crisis and much discussion about how we can do our part, Falls Church Forward’s next general meeting on Sunday, September 17 will be dedicated to the Housing for All pillar. Alex Horowitz, Project Director for Housing Policy at Pew, will discuss his ground-breaking research on housing and affordability. The chair of the Housing Commission will also share the current state of housing in Falls Church and initiatives underway. Come to learn, discuss, and meet new neighbors in the community room at Founders Row – which is fitting as it’s our first building with affordable housing units in perpetuity (ie, never expire). RSVP here.


PS If you’ve made a yard sign request (thank you!), the next round of deliveries will happen this weekend.