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An essential point from journalist friend Rose Arce:

“The analysis of yesterday’s evil Supreme Court decision seems too tepid to me. By treating this as a free speech issue (particularly because it was wedding related) the court reversed the central victory of the lgbtq civil rights movement – that being gay is WHO you are not unlike being black or a woman. In my time the U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled that the first amendment or the constitution allows you to be excluded, rejected or discriminated against by a business because of WHO you are – until today.

“To say this was a free speech issue reduces being gay to something you say, a choice, allowing another American to refuse to do business with you if they don’t agree with your “message,” not a person simply being who they are.

“We are moving quickly to a country where we no longer value and pursue equality, where some people have more human rights than others. Me and so many of my peers would not be who we are today without the protections of our government and our society and the push to equalize the playing field and protect the vulnerable. No. We need to say no.”