Letter to the Editor: In Praise of Sally Ekfelt


Members of the Women’s History Group, the working organizers of last Sunday’s very successful Women’s Walk honoring the many women who have played major roles in shaping the Falls Church-area history, want to express our gratitude to the Group’s intrepid leader, Sally Ekfelt.

Sally, for several years, has turned a group of active and independent women into a vibrant, cooperative, and very hard-working team to tackle the research, the event-planning, the logistics and strategies, the coordination, and to execute a very tight timeline of set-up and take-down at sites of note, each with docents and greeters. Signs across the city highlight historic women, and their stories.

No one works harder than Sally. We meet and plan most of the year, but Sally keeps us going. The rest of us are infected with her enthusiasm. The big picture, the details, she works with them all.

We salute Sally Ekfelt and hope the community appreciates, as we do, her incredible drive and dedication to Falls Church.

The Women’s History Group
Falls Church