2024-05-24 12:54 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Letter to the Editor: Stadium Would Burden Taxpayers


Thank you for your stance against the Washington Commanders coming to Virginia.

People fall over themselves for the “glory” of having a pro team in their state — why? Considering that this bill would let the team keep revenue from food and merchandise sales, where would the money to keep this complex going come from? The taxpayers, of course. If Dan Snyder can buy a Mount Vernon estate for $48 million cash, he can build and subsidize his own ego trip. I urge everyone who opposes this stadium to contact their legislators. They need to know that Virginians, already struggling with inflation — higher food and gas prices every week — should not and will not support this gift to a tainted organization. How dare they even consider this in times like these.

Carolyn Clemente





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