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Youngkin Exposed As A Bonafide Trumper

The most important clue about Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s ongoing allegiance to Donald Trump was disclosed during Tuesday’s Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce/NBC debate with his Democratic rival Terry McAuliffe. It was not so much in his brazen admission that he would fully support Trump if he were to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2024.

It was most incriminating in the revelation that Youngkin identified the key post-2020 presidential Trump whistle call issue to be the most important issue in his campaign, as well. That was placing the matter of “election integrity” front and center as his most important issue in his campaign, as announced on his web site.

That plants Youngkin smack in the middle of the worst lying offensive of the Trump post-election coup effort that has been aimed at disenfranchising the over 80 million American voters who cast ballots for President Biden last November with an as-yet unrelenting assault on those election results.

At Tuesday’s debate, former Virginia governor McAuliffe, running for a second term now, forced Youngkin to admit that “election integrity” was a complete non-issue in Virginia in the last election. Youngkin was forced to concede that Biden won Virginia fair and square without a doubt, and that served to expose Youngkin and his stated Number One issue of “voter integrity” as nothing more than a stooge for Trump’s ongoing insurrectionist movement.

Youngkin tried weakly to deflect away from that revelation by a stupid reference to Las Vegas and betting odds there that McAuliffe would mention Trump’s name at least a dozen times during the debate. That lame retort, and Youngkin’s reminder that McAuliffe is running against him, not Trump, fell completely flat as all are aware the decisive Trump-GOP issue has, indeed, been the “elephant in the room” for any race involving a Republican this year.

So, Republicans are left having to face the unpleasant reality that their candidate is not a real Republican at all, but just another “Trumper,” compelled by an amoral ambition to align with the worst of the Trump crimes in order to scrounge for votes.

Of course, the implications for what this would mean were Youngkin to get elected in November could not be more chilling for all Virginians. It would mean their governor would function under the thumb of Trump in everything, giving way to his every whim of cruelty and madness.

The race in Virginia, the most important in the national spotlight in 2021, is indeed a public referendum on whether or not Trump will succeed in his relentless criminal enterprise to steal the 2020 election and rev up his fascist movement in the process aimed at permanently undermining democratic institutions and instituting rule by intimidation and thuggery.

It comes in the context of the latest bombshell revelations about the Trump “Big Lie” that reportedly over 70 percent of Republicans currently buy into. 

On her show this Tuesday night, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC read from a sworn deposition of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani as part of a defamation trial brought by a former Dominion Election Systems employee in Colorado in which Giuliani admitted all the core claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election were completely made up, a complete lie.

In a transcript of the deposition, Giuliani is quoted saying he couldn’t remember where the initial reports of fraud originated, but it was probably something he read on Facebook. He then could not identify or say that he even spoke to a person that had been identified as a key source of the evidence of the fraud, and that he didn’t feel the information needed to be checked out before he went public with it.

“I didn’t make a finding about what was true…Why would I try to check?” he said in his sworn testimony taken August 14.

In other words, Giuliani confessed under oath that the claim the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump was, in fact, a complete and total fabrication based on no evidence whatsoever.

Based on this, how over 70 percent of Republicans currently believe the lie that the election was stolen, such that it became Youngkin’s Number One campaign priority, is downright stunning.