F.C. Council Mulls Outdoor Dining Rules

As the special allowances for the Covid-19 pandemic begin to terminate, the F.C. City Council faces the challenge of a more permanent revision to the outdoor dining rules for local restaurants.

So far, there are 11 locations where outdoor dining operations have been permitted under special Covid-19 conditions that take up existing parking spots. The question will be whether those parking spaces are really needed.

The cases are currently at 107 Rowell Court, 124 N. Washington and 130 N. Washington, 132 W. Broad, 200 W. Broad, 205 Park, 220 N. Washington, 442 S. Washington, 441 W. Broad, 450 N. Washington and 6795 Wilson Blvd.

The Council will also be considering more permanent rules for the operation of food trucks.