Letters to the Editor: News-Press School Board Endorsements Were Premature

Letters to the Editor: September 16 – 22, 2021

News Press School Board Endorsements Were Premature


I was disappointed to learn that the paper made endorsements for city council and school board without reaching out to each candidate to discuss their credentials and learn more about their individual platforms. Often, that is the only way to truly get to know a candidate.

I wholeheartedly believe your list should have included Tate Gould. Tate is experienced, he is an integral part of our community, and he is ready to serve.

Tate has worked in education for 25 years — as an award-winning HS math teacher, a teacher mentor, a policy analyst, a statistician for the US Department of Education, and, now, as the Founder of AnLar, an educational policy, research and data firm. Tate also has a Ph.D. in education policy from Harvard.

Despite his impressive credentials, most of us know Tate as a neighbor, a dad and a friend. One who is always willing to help, to listen, to teach. He’s a leader who doesn’t need attention or accolades.

I asked Tate why he was running and his answer was, quite simply, “because this is what I do”. He understands every side — the teachers, the parents, and the policies that affect both. Tate will be an exceptional addition to the school board.

Jess Owens

Falls Church

Thank You, Falls Church Government Workers


I have had problems that needed solving and required that I seek the help of the people at the Falls Church Government Building.

What do I get for my trouble?! I get help.

On every occasion I have sought their assistant the employees there have taken my issue and made it their own. They did it with grace and professionalism.

I don’t know where we get such folks but their reactions to my needs are more than confidence building.

Richard Doyle

Falls Church