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Press Pass: Indigo Boulevard


We all know the story arc of the hometown hero — they venture away from what they know, experience victory and defeat, and return as a more complete person to help those they love. 

In Indigo Boulevard’s case, the band took more of a spiritual journey than a literal one, as they sank their teeth into the suburban life of Falls Church they knew a little too well in order to find what they loved about it. 

“We’d like to think of our music is kind of a means of escaping the suburbs, but then at the same time, our music wouldn’t be possible without the suburbs,” virtuoso and George Mason High School alumnus, Colter Adams, said. 

Adams, who is also one of the band’s founders, said that the group’s name is derived from portraying a hazy, dream-like escape from a mundane existence. Indigo Boulevard looks to bring anything but a mundane experience to the stage in Cherry Hill Park on Friday night.

The band’s sound, which falls safely into the indie rock genre, is rounded out by Adams on either the keys or guitar, Natalie Ingalls as the primary vocals, Daisy Forbes on drums and Clara Whitney on guitar (though if you watch enough of the band’s videos, you get the impression they can all cycle between instruments).

A unique element of the group is that Adams and Ingalls are largely self-taught, while Whitney and Forbes are more “School of Rock session musicians,” in Adams words. It’s given the band a grounding in classical training, while also an innovative edge that shines through in songs like “Downhill,” as well as in some of their earlier tracks such as “Icarus” and “Saccharine.”

Indigo Boulevard has quite the following among some of the area’s younger listeners throughout the region. Adams admitted a good chunk were friends the four-some has from their various circles, but it’s also made for a favorable crowd when mixing their original tracks in with covers.

“It’s really fun to see people getting as excited about your original music as your covers,” Adams said, with cover tracks coming from bands like The Strokes, Cage the Elephant and Middle Kids.

Still, it all circles back to the group rewarding the Little City that helped them grow. With gigs at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack to an upcoming performance they’re doing that’s sponsored by real estate agent Tori McKinney, Indigo Boulevard knows they’ve been blessed with a good foundation. Now they want to return the favor by adding their voice — and guitar, drums, keyboard and bass — to the mix. 

“Even though people wouldn’t assume this area would be a super exciting place to be, there’s a lot going on,” Adams said. “A lot of that can be attributed to how enthusiastic and willing people in the City are to support independent artists like us. So we try to get back as much as possible with enthusiasm and our music as well.”     

Indigo Boulevard will be performing at Cherry Hill Park as a part of the Creative Cauldron’s “Summer Cabarets & Concerts” series on Friday, July 30 at 7 p.m. For tickets, visit here.


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