2024-05-20 2:38 AM

Anti-Vax Foolery Endangers Us All

Once again, ignorance and damned foolishness is endangering all of us. Active resistance to Covid-19 vaccines such as we’ve seen from conservative pundits, including Fox News, and many leading pro-Trump Republicans, has resulted in a new surge of the deadly Covid-19 virus and its latest even-more contagious delta variant, triggering five-fold and higher surges in new infections and hospitalizations in just the last week.

These purveyors of conscious disinformation, in the face of medical facts and readily available, highly effective, protective vaccines, must face ruthless legal consequences, including massive class action lawsuits that drive these cruel enemies of innocent people out of business, at least, and into the slammer more appropriately.

It has been well documented that America’s strategic adversaries, once again the Russians in particular, have been actively egging on the anti-vax mentality in the U.S., seeing it as another way of weakening the U.S. by encouraging a raging deadly pandemic to wreak havoc on the national economy.

The growing anger across the American population with this misinformation comes from the obvious reason that we are already being asked to revert to earlier practices of mandatory mask wearing, a genuine nuisance that most of us were willing to cheerfully endure. But that was then. Now it is much less amusing, and many are vowing to resist the latest recourse back to masking indoors, even for fully vaccinated persons. But once again we must emphasize, it is not any political or policy force driving this reversal, but the damned virus itself.

Unless and until enough people get it into their heads the importance of getting the vaccine, we are all still at risk. This is not a walk in the park. Anyone who has experienced this illness, or has been a family member go through it, knows how brutal it is, far, far more painful than even a powerful flu, and too often deadly for many. Science now knows that even fully vaccinated persons can still carry and spread the virus, especially the potent delta mutation, and can too easily bring it home to kill a loved one.

So, we must be troopers, quit complaining and stand strong against this ongoing threat, setting the kind of example that will inspire others to emulate us.

It’s just the way it is. We may be battle weary, but as in an actual war situation (which this is), if the enemy comes at us with yet another offensive, we have no choice but to rise to the occasion and stand against it. Again, it is necessary to remain focused on the fact that it is this deadly virus that is the adversary, no person or political entity per se.

We are completely sympathetic with the calls, and policy decisions, for mandatory vaccinations, and urge their wider applications. While we fear the impact on the economy, as long as there remain enough fools opposed to vaccinations, we will all suffer.





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