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Jan. 6 Capitol Sacking: Putin’s Role (Part 3)

Putin’s ongoing hands-on role in the cultivation and advancement of the QAnon and other radical right movements in the U.S. is not going away, despite the setback these operations suffered primarily by failing to win re-election for Putin’s agent Trump last November, which would have been tantamount to election for life had it succeeded. The January 6 sacking of the Capitol was one step in the effort to re-group and press ahead.

The November election effort failed for one principal reason and one only: the rising up of the American citizenry to generate a record electoral turnout to throw the bum out. Voters understood better than the pundits and commentators, and even better than Trump’s opposition political leadership, what a foul and dangerous menace to American society Trump and his movement represented. That movement now circumscribes a large majority of the Republican Party.

This Trumpian menace is going to be with us for the long-haul, and must be met by a massive counter-mobilization that goes far deeper into our culture than just “get out the vote” efforts for the next round of Democrats.

This is World War 3 in the minds of Putin and savvy U.S. counterintelligence professionals. It will be a protracted war that Putin is resolved to win, to achieve total victory, rendering democracy globally moribund. Putin’s ambitions are every bit as grandiose as Hitler’s ever were. He aims to take over the globe against democracy, and sees the U.S. and the Atlantic Alliance currently as the biggest single obstacle to that.

In this context, Putin is every bit as anti-semitic and ruthless as Hitler ever was. He and his allies have the mindset of vicious old-world oligarchs who have frequently practiced ethnic cleansing over the centuries to advance their causes.

His designs on China are even more long-term and sophisticated. China is anticipating this by, among other things, jailing and “re-educating” a million Uyeghurs in its northwest territories to protect its “New Silk Road” ambitions through that area but also to blunt whatever ethnic-driven advantages the Russians might seek to exploit in the future.

The ancestors of these people were horrified by the Enlightenment and everything that led up to it, including the invention of moveable type, that led to the American revolution, the first true revolution against their world. They’ve always sought to rule by fostering ignorance and fear-driven anti-science superstition among the masses. The wacky belief system of QAnon these days is only the latest manifestation of that eons-long effort.

It was in the early 1970s, as I calculate it, that the clumsy very expedient and temporary alliance between the Soviet Union and the West to stop Hitler had played itself out and the Soviets and their allies were ready to use the pretext of the shadows of that alliance to trick a semi-witting Nixon, under the pretext of a “new detente” to go along with a major Soviet intervention into U.S. society.

The portal of entry was the U.S. “counterculture” that had been steered by U.S. domestic counterinsurgency elements away from seriously-challenging civil rights and anti-war movements, with the help of the mass proliferation of mind-altering drugs like LSD, into a malleable, stupefied “sex, drugs and rock-and-roll” phenomenon.

The deals cut between the Soviets and Nixon included the deployment of thousands of Russian emigres to the U.S., in particular mafia thugs and criminals, to ostensibly help Nixon deal with his domestic problems represented by the Italian mafia and the residual youth-oriented “counterculture.”

The political leadership of the counterculture would be cleaned out and morphed into an anti-liberal force. An “alliance” between Left and Right among key elements in the counterculture, advanced with the help of clueless but important U.S. figures like the rightwing scion William Buckley and his “Young Americans for Freedom” movement.
The first objective was to crush the remains of the liberal “Old Left” influencers in the counterculture. It turned out surprisingly easy to do. The impact of the old Communist Party U.S.A. and Socialist Workers Party, among others, was effectively muted by thug attacks, including with use and threatened use of nunchucks, at their meetings.
(To be continued).

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