F.C. Officials Strive to Inform Voters Of Polling Site Change This Tuesday

Citizens in the City of Falls Church are facing an important local election tomorrow, Nov. 5, when three local City Council and School Board seats will be up for grabs on the ballot in the City.

But the major challenge facing election officials here involves getting out the word on the fact that one of the City’s three polling locations will not be in service Tuesday, and all voters used to casting ballots at the Oakwood Apartments (now called Falls Green) location will be redirected to the F.C. Community Center, 223 Little Falls St., to vote.

With only three polling places in the Little City, this impacts fully a third of voters. The City’s Registrar of Voters David Bjerke has been working overtime with the City’s Electoral Board volunteers and the local chapter of the League of Women Voters to help get the word out. Running for the three (out of seven) City Council seats are Phil Duncan, Letty Hardi, David Tarter and Stuart Whitaker. Duncan, Hardi and Tarter are incumbents widely praised for the significant progress made in the Little City in the last four years.

Running for three (out of seven) School Board seats are incumbent Phil Reitinger, school activists and parents Laura Downs, Susan Dimock, and parent Douglass Stevens.

This weekend will see a flurry of last-minute campaigning, with Hardi having signed up 21 volunteers online to carry literature around the City’s 2.2 acres.

The incumbents will assemble at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack after polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday.