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Plein Air Festival Winners Announced

(Photo: Courtesy Barb Cram)

The 10th Annual Plein Air Festival Winners (from left to right): Artists Alexia Scott — Famille Plein Air Prize ($250); Patricia Walach Keough — Diener and Assoc. CPA Plein Air Prize ($250); Rajendra KC — Rock Star Realty Plein Air Prize ($750); Michael McSorley — The Kensington Plein Air Prize ($500); Christina Girardi — New Editions Plein Air Prize ($600); Jill Banks — Don Beyer Volvo-Kia Plein Air Prize ($1,250) and Marianne Tolosa — Falls Church Arts President’s Prize ($300) with their paintings that won Plein Air Prizes totalling nearly $4,000 in awards.