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McLean Graduates, Dean’s List from William & Mary

The following students from McLean either graduated or were recognized by the College of William & Mary for completing their degree or are being honored for making the school’s Dean’s List.

Graduates — Arianna Afsari, Bachelor of Arts; Erin Atak, Bachelor of Arts; Makena Barron, Bachelor of Arts; Adam Benmhend, Bachelor of Arts; Michael Blumenfeld, Bachelors of Business Administration; Anna Campion, Bachelor of Arts; Vanessa De La Rosa, Bachelor of Science; Rebecca Hall, Bachelor of Arts; Annette Kang, Bachelor of Science; Andrew Katson, Bachelor of Science; Joshua Kim, Bachelor of Science; Marissa Kingston, Bachelor of Arts (International Honours); Deborah Kornblut, Bachelor of Arts; Anna Laws, Bachelor of Arts; Christine Li, Bachelor of Science; Kristyn Long, Bachelor of Arts; Patricia Loria, Bachelor of Science; Sri Harshini Malapati, Bachelor of Science; Mina Parastaran, Bachelor of Science; Grace Pluta, Bachelor of Arts; Benjamin Robb, Bachelor of Arts; Claire Roberts, Bachelor of Arts; Sarah Salem, Bachelor of Arts; Devika Shankardass, Bachelor of Arts; Rhea Sharma, Bachelor of Science; Connor Simpson, Bachelor of Science; Matthew Sniezek, Bachelor of Arts; Hayley Snowden, Bachelors of Business Administration; Alyssa Sze, Bachelor of Arts; Theodore Tanous, Bachelors of Business Administration; Menna Teshome, Bachelor of Arts; Yande Thiaw, Bachelor of Science and Brittony Trumbull, Bachelor of Arts.

Dean’s List — Arianna Afsari; Kareem Al-Attar; Ceridwyn Albers; Evelyn Basham; Adam Benmhend; Michael Blumenfeld; Autumn Brenner; Sophia Brodnax; Faith Burke; Lindley Burnam; Emily Bush; Celeste Campos; Alexander Camus; Hana Chaudhri; Zachary Coe; Abby Comey; Leah Damelin; Sneha Dass; Rebecca Deitch; Frank Ding; Rachel Faga; Matthew Feinstein; Sunil Fontaine-Rasaiah; Ariaz Goudarzi; Prateek Govindaraj; Rebecca Hall; Alexander Howe and Kaitlyn Huynh.