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A Roger Stone To Sink Trump

As the stern, unyielding noose of justice and truth tightens around the neck of Donald Trump, no amount of pomp, ceremony, lies and damn lies can protect him from the grizzly fate awaiting him in the coming weeks and months. This week’s State of the Union pageant was one of the biggest exercises of a completely fictional farce seen in these parts in many a moon. Yes, Mr. Emperor, of course you have your clothes on!

Fascination is supplanting other emotions, even fear and dread of the potentially horrible consequences of this presidency, as special counsel Robert Mueller doles out his carefully calculated next moves and the Southern District Court of New York works in a disciplined tandem to ensure that a veritable three-dimensional approach keeps the common crooks huddled in the White House unable to calculate where the next blow may be coming from.

Ah, Vladimir Putin, you picked quite the gang of fools to align your national interest with! You’re going to be set back for decades because of this, as their hapless schemes are brought to the light of day.

The latest in the parade of clowns to brandish his Nixon tattoo and mimicked victory sign, Roger Stone, arrested two weeks ago in early morning FBI raids on two of his domiciles, now leaves only three more major figures to go in the criminal roundup. Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Person of Interest No. 1 remain.

Then there will be the roundup of a number of scurrying rats and related vermin, including some mild surprises to be sure.

The only really sad part of all this resides in the contemplation of what was ruined by this criminal operation, a presidential election stolen, a government stressed to the max since and the countless lives, ranging from the tragic loss of her claim on national leadership by Hillary Clinton to the broken lives of separated and scattered families at the southern U.S. border. This damage done will never be recovered, but the best we should hope for is that the nation, the world’s foremost exercise of democracy and democratic values, will recover, and even move forward wiser and more resolute than ever.

The Roger Stone arrest roughly coincided with an article published in Mother Jones magazine that made an important observation. Entitled, “Lyndon LaRouche is Still Alive and He’s Been Hobnobbing With Roger Stone; the International Cult Leader Has Long-Standing Ties to Russia — and Robert Mueller,” the December 2018 article by Shilpa Jindia marks one of the first cases outside of the three-part series I wrote last August that brings the “LaRouche factor” into focus as a marginal but important component in the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russians in rigging the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

My series was entitled, “The Trump Cult’s LaRouche Factor,” and focused on how the marginal political cult that’s been around since the early 1970s was named in the infamous Christopher Steele Dossier as among those invited, along with the Green Party’s Jill Stein and U.S. General Michael Flynn, to a meeting in Moscow with Putin in December 2015 on the eve of the launch of the major Russian election interference offensive.

It also drew from my own experiences as one who knew the cult
from the inside, recruited in the early 1970s when, as Mother Jones put it, the organization “culled supporters in the late 1960s from leftist student radicals” before it descended into intensely manipulative cult behavior.
LaRouche’s ties with Soviet and Russian intelligence go back to the 1970s, and it was through them that Roger Stone was invited to forge “back channels” to the Russians for the 2016 campaign.

In particular, as former Young Americans for Freedom co-founder Douglas Caddy reported in a paper he prepared to submit to Mueller last year, it was Stone’s ties with the LaRouche organization’s Harley Schlanger through which those channels were established.

Caddy, in the file on Stone and LaRouche he posted to then FBI Director James Comey and subsequently the Mueller team in June 2017, suggested that the “back channel” likely facilitated the Wikileaks operations.