2024-06-24 6:07 PM

Longfellow Model UN Makes Statement at Conference

Longfellow Middle School’s Model United Nations (UN) club earned the Outstanding School Award at the 13th annual Gar-Field High School Model UN conference in Woodbridge. Delegates sought resolution to issues such as the world-wide poaching crisis and the South China Sea conflict along with one committee set in the future focused on the potential of life in space. In addition to the UN committees, there was one centered on the Justice League.

Individual awards included Chanyoo Lee, Outstanding Delegate award as Superman on the Justice League committee. On the UNI Space 2068 committee: Erika Li and Valerie Li, Outstanding Delegate representing Chile, and Kacy Lee and Odessa Zhang, honorable mention for their representation of the Russian Federation. On the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Nyla Marcott and Anna Raymond earned a verbal commendation representing the Philippines. Honorable mentions went to Eve Ginsberg and Cathy Zhang for representing Cuba, Jin Shin and Kyra Li for representing Colombia, and Julia Tan and Cynthia Ma for representing the United Kingdom. In the Special Political and Decolonization committee: Justin Dong and Jeanie Qi earned the Best Delegate award for representing France; Blaire Zhao and James Hoadley earned a verbal commendation for representing the United Arab Emirates, and honorable mentions went to Yusuf Gunter-Rahman and Simal Mann, who represented the United States and Kevin Fan and Elliott Lee, who represented Japan.


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