Report of More Shots Fired Near Jackson St. in Falls Church, Marks 3rd Incident in 7 Days


The News-Press has learned of a third case of suspected gunfire in the same residential area of Falls Church as two other reported incidents that occurred in the past week.

Stacy Hennessey told the News-Press she heard what sounded like gunshots at her home on Gibson Pl. around 9 a.m. the morning of Friday, Jan. 20., and then more shots later that afternoon. She reported the suspected shots to police who she said took a report and then drove around the area.

This latest incident occurred three days before the police first reported the sound of gunfire and discovery of shell casings on Jackson St. the morning of Monday, Jan. 23, and a week before reports of more gunshots in the same area on Friday, Jan. 27. Gibson Pl. is just one block from Jackson St.

In all three incidents, there were no reports of injuries or property damage. Police are currently comparing the shell casings found on Jan. 23 to other crimes in the area, looking for a connection.

The News-Press reached out to City of Falls Church Police about this latest reported incident and why it wasn’t reported to the public. In an email to the News-Press, the department’s public information officer Susan Finarelli said that since police found no evidence of gunfire after canvassing the area, officers thought the sound from the Jan. 20 incident may have been fireworks celebrating the Presidential Inauguration.

Finarelli reports that police have stepped up their presence in the area and encourage people to report if they know, see or hear anything in the future.