More Gunfire on Residential Street in Falls Church


Just days after shots were fired on a residential street in the City of Falls Church, police report there were more shots fired in the same area.

As many as six¬†gunshots were reportedly fired in the 400 block of Jackson Street early last Monday morning and then on Friday, Jan. 27, around 8:30 p.m., police responded to reports of more gunfire on the same block. In Monday’s incident, five shell casings were found in the roadway but on Friday, officers only discovered the odor of gunpowder. In both incidents, there were no reports of damage or injuries and officers were unable to locate anything further. After speaking to those who heard the gunshots, police say the shots could have come from Rosemary or Seaton lanes.

City of Falls Church Police public information officer Susan Finarelli told the News-Press there is no way to know if the incidents are connected and citizens should be on the lookout and “say something” if they “see something.”