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Letters to the Editor: Committed to Celebrating Diversity in The Little City


Letters to the Editor: November 17 – 23, 2016


Committed to Celebrating Diversity in The Little City


In light of recent events in our country, we have heard from many in the community who are coping with real fear and anxiety about their futures. As members of the leadership in Falls Church, we want to take the opportunity to re-affirm our long-standing community values of equality, inclusion, and diversity, no matter the national context. The City of Falls Church is committed to being a community that celebrates diversity. We remain a welcoming and respectful place for all people – all faiths, all races, all cultures, all sexual orientations, and all backgrounds.

As we move forward and approach the holidays, it is a season of reflection and giving back. We are thankful that we are raising our families in an inclusive and progressively-minded community. We believe in the power of individuals and a united, loving community. We all have a role in encouraging thoughtful and respectful dialogue; seek connections with the unfamiliar; listen to different perspectives; make an effort to step outside of our individual bubbles. However, we believe talk about respect and compassion is not enough. Voting is only a one day activity. While we are proud that Falls Church again had an amazing turnout on election day, we challenge you and your families to turn out with the same conviction to do good throughout the year. There is no better time than now to rise up – serve our community and be a part of the process. It is our day to day interactions and kindness we show each other that make America great. Looking ahead, we will be declaring Martin Luther King Jr Day on January 16 as a City of Falls Church Day of Service. Consider committing your day off to a community service project here in the Little City and honor the legacy of Dr. King.

We pledge to do our part – advocate, legislate, volunteer – so that we are truly a city and country of opportunity for all and where compassion and tolerance bridges our differences. We hope you’ll join us. Falls Church can set an example of unity, light, and kindness for our children and for the nation.

Letty Hardi

Member, Falls Church City Council

Erin Gill

Member, Falls Church City School Board


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