Letters to the Editor: Is Rep. Beyer Sincere About Helping the Poor?


Letters to the Editor: November 24 – 30, 2016


 Is Rep. Beyer Sincere About Helping the Poor?


I accept Don Beyer’s view of why Democrats lost big. He was right to a point.

Potential U.S. Supreme Court nominations also influenced Catholics and Evangelicals to vote heavily against Clinton. However, the big liability was 60 percent of Dems and Republicans saw her as dishonest. She was so poor a candidate even Trump with enormous warts had coattails.

I was very surprised by Beyer’s proposed help for rural poor and union workers. Historically, using Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps programs to help fly-over Americans does not work. Beyer and I must have been “educated” by the same progressive school system.

I was taught FDR’s New Deal saved us from the Great Depression. Only after leaving high school and majoring in history did I realize Hoover’s and FDR’s make-work programs didn’t fix, but perpetuated it for ten years. World War II ended it.

Ten years earlier, after World War I, we experienced the greatest depression up until then. It was triggered by the post-World War I wind down. That depression was deepened by Wilson’s administration failing to lower the 10 percent flat income tax rate.

I also was taught that President Harding, who inherited the 1919 depression, was the worst President in our history. However, Harding cut federal income taxes 40 percent and cut federal spending by 50 percent. The result was the deepest and broadest prosperity the nation had known: “The Roaring 20s.”

I urge Beyer to re-think using New Deal approaches. Those programs did help people through the Depression but they also helped prolong it for ten years.

Real prosperity is created by stimulating new businesses. Those jobs are substantive and lasting. It’s an economic fact new businesses are real job creators not government make-work jobs, or small or large businesses.

I was shocked by the incongruity of Beyer’s intelligent analysis and demonstrably incompetent solution. Does he really want to help the rural and urban poor or merely buy their votes with other people’s money?

Michael F. Johnson

Falls Church


After Trump’s Win, The Left’s Hissy Fit Is Getting Tiresome


Having read and observed two weeks of the Left’s post-election hissy fit, my recommendation is: get a life!

From Falls Church school officials concerned that kids might be traumatized because an election had a result to local officials vowing to insist they will resist the new President to town halls and Broadway plays that allow the “diverse” to vent, it’s getting tiresome.

America is not Harvard Yard, where the “cultural appropriation” of one’s Halloween costume is the subject of weeks of yammer and demands for “safe space.”

I simply cannot fathom that, if Hillary Clinton had won, that elected officials, the media, and opinion-making circles would indulge the losers with two weeks of therapeutic hand holding while the latter fumed uncivilly that she is “not my President.” In fact, I suggest one reason that the “baskets of deplorables” gave Donald Trump the White House is precisely in reaction to the cry-bullies who have been ramming their agenda in the name of “tolerance” down the country’s throats while proving rather intolerant of those not like-minded.

John M. Grondelski

Falls Church


Telling Mix of FCNP Articles on Election Results


The articles in News-Press regarding why the Democrats’ lost the Presidential election were quite telling. First, Rep. Beyer pointed to job losses among Americans outside of the cities. Just a few pages later, Del. Simon praised defeating the Right To Work amendment, while suggesting that Virginians contribute to causes such as NextGen Climate Action. Then just one page later, Nicholas Benton complained about the methods about how some unscrupulous activity by various Democrats was exposed, without any mention of the activities themselves.

There are answers as to why the Democratic party has suffered losses across the country at epic levels – the question is, is anyone interested in hearing them?

Jeff Walyus



Occasional Road Blocks Are Fine, Loud PA System Isn’t


I don’t terribly mind that there are occasional events that block access to my street for part of the day. What I do mind is microphones and speakers blasting messages and singing to runners right across the street from my home before 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning. There must be a more commercial place to start the Columbia Baptist 5K race!?

Diane Mularz

Falls Church


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