Letters to the Editor: Meals Tax Would Not Have Been Enough


Letters to the Editor: November 10 – 16, 2017


Meals Tax Would Not Have Been Enough


I fully agree with Mr. Andrle’s Letter to the Editor in last week’s edition in which he states in his letter “Virginia counties rely too heavily on property taxes for revenue.”

Let’s be realistic. Do you really think a four-percent meals tax will reduce property taxes, how can it when we read on the front page of the News Press last week, the headline “F.C. City School Enrollment Projected to Double by 2032.” This is just one example in which more revenue will have to be generated to meet the demands that once again will be put on our school system, not only in Falls Church City, but throughout Fairfax County.

A meals tax on the surface might sound good but in the long run it would not have generated enough revenue to see any substantial reduction in our property taxes.

Douglas Goodgion

Falls Church


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