Letters to the Editor: Letter Criticizing Beyer Was Silly & Illogical


Letters to the Editor: July 28 – August 3, 2016


Letter Criticizing Beyer Was Silly & Illogical


I’ve read some silly and ridiculous Letters to the Editor, but the recent letter published in last week’s issue goes beyond the pale. The letter, “Beyer Business Not Necessarily More Virtuous,” criticizing Representative Don Beyer for operating a car business because cars produce carbon emissions is both silly and illogical. Using that logic, just about every business and home which uses gas or oil heating should close. Don Beyer has worked tirelessly to improve our community and country, including environmental quality in addition to employing hundreds of people, adding jobs and improving the economy. What about the trucks and trains that transport solar panels across the country – don’t they emit carbons into the air? Let’s get real!

Larry Berman

Falls Church


Kudos to Young Group’s ‘Cottage Colony’ Plan


May I be one of the first to congratulate Bob Young and his colleagues for bringing the cottage colony idea to Falls Church. Our city has been in the forefront of economic and environmental sustainability throughout the Commonwealth. The small house and cottage community idea has taken off in many jurisdictions and it is a novel and elegant way to address affordable housing and the importance of community and aging in place. I am delighted that this has been brought to the city and that it will be an important part of the housing stock going forward.

I caution only that electric vehicles are not allowed on the W&OD trail. So while I am happy to see folks on their bikes, I won’t see you on the trail.

Johannah Barry

Falls Church


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