Letters to the Editor: We Need the 3T Bus Line Back to Falls Church


Letters to the Editor: August 4 – 10, 2016


We Need the 3T Bus Line Back to Falls Church


I just got off work at Arlington Police Department Central Records where I put in an 11 hour day which I do on an average of three to four days a week. Now that Metro’s 3T bus line is not running, I have to get the 2A or 3A at East Falls Church, get off at Broad and Washington and walk about 10 minutes to Winter Hill. I used to get the 3T which let me off a half-block from my house, practically at my doorstep. So I get to East Falls Church and find I have to wait 26 minutes for the 2A! And there is no 3A in route. Luckily, it’s cooler out this evening.

I was one of the City residents who showed up at the City Council meeting where I got to voice the disadvantages facing me and many other regular riders, the added time and added expense if I have to go in the other direction which I have done when I’ve had the misfortune of missing the 2A or 3T. But here’s a couple more that I didn’t think of at the time. I have multiple sclerosis and though I have a type that has not left me disabled, when the weather is extremely hot it fatigues me to the point of having almost no energy. That walk in that heat for those long waits are miserable. Added to that, I have been hit twice by cars at the Virginia Ave/Broad Street intersection, once on the right and once on the left of my body. So I sometimes get hip and back pain which makes walking uncomfortable.

I moved to Falls Church City close to 30 years ago specifically for the schools. I stay because it works for me since I do not drive. Getting anywhere has been a cinch. Now it is just a pain. So I hope you read this and support me and your other City residents getting back our 3T bus.

Sandra Bolivar

Falls Church


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