2024-07-21 6:00 PM

Mary Riley Styles Public Library Receives $250,000 Bequest

509bequestMary Riley Styles Public Library recently received a $250,000 bequest from longtime library patron Mary Prior Hassan, 78, who was a Springfield resident at the time of her death on February 16. Hassan was born in England and a resident of Arlington and nurse in Arlington Hospital’s post anesthesia unit for 38 years. Hassan’s gift was given to the Mary Riley Styles Public Library Foundation Trust, a non-profit organization that raises funds to benefit the library.

“We are honored that Mrs. Hassan chose our library to be part of her lasting legacy,” said Donald Camp of the Foundation Trust. “We are grateful for her commitment which will sustain and strengthen the library for future generations.” The Foundation has been building an endowment fund for years and plans to add most of this generous contribution to the endowment fund.

“Mrs. Hassan was a familiar face at the library and she will be missed,” said Mary McMahon, Library Director. “Her generosity speaks highly of her character and love of the pursuit of knowledge.” For more information, visit fallschurchva.gov/FoundationTrust.





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