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Press Pass: Nicholas David

Nicholas David. (Courtesy Photo)
Nicholas David. (Courtesy Photo)

Singer-songwriter Nicholas David told the News-Press in an interview ahead of his Wednesday show at The Hamilton in Washington, D.C. that the past couple of years have been crazy.

He was a finalist on the third season of NBC’s “The Voice,” and has been enjoying a noticeable increase in demand for him and his band since the show.

He said his time on “The Voice” was the longest he’d been away from his wife and kids – it started when at the audition for the singing competition he was told that he couldn’t bring his family into the audition room, but only to be later branded as “the family man” during his run on the show.

This experience was just one of several “The Voice” moments that David only refers to as “crazy.”

There’s also the time he was asked by the show’s wardrobe department who he wanted to dress like for that week’s episode. According to him, he said he just wanted to dress as himself.

“They’re like ‘Who do you want to sound like?’ and I’m like ‘Um…myself’. The funny thing is when I was on that show – as I am in life – I was just trying to be me,” David said. “And it struck a chord with a lot of people.”

And then, there was his experience after the show. “We’ve been going around the country doing these meet-and-greets and people are telling me these stories of lost loved ones or how this music provided inspiration or hope,” David said.

“Or they come up to me with tears in their eyes. It’s crazy; I kind of just become this vessel and listen.”

The culmination of these experiences are what inspired him to name is new EP, due out next Tuesday, Nov. 18, Make Hope. He’s currently on the East Coast leg of a nationwide tour, playing mostly material from his upcoming EP.

“Part of the idea of Make Hope is to take those family values, that humbleness, those Midwest kinds of values and taking that across the country…and trying to make hope in a world that seems really busy, really fast, really lost,” David said.

“People seem really overwhelmed, or lost, or tired and the idea is to bring hope back, bring heart back.”

The experiences he had while on “The Voice,” might have made him jaded or cynical about show business, but he seems genuinely grateful for the experiences he had on the show. He really loves soul music, so it was a thrill for him to get meet some of his favorite musicians.

“I got to meet Bill Withers, freaking Cee-Lo and hug and talk with Smokey Robinson and sing Smokey Robinson,” David said. “It was a dream come true, but honestly the whole thing was divinely orchestrated and I just kept remembering that, praying on that and saying that if the opportunity ever presents itself I would give it back to spirit.”

He spoke with the News-Press a lot about how spirituality ties into his musical mission. “We’ve been given these gifts, right,” David said.

“And we we’ve got to use them. That’s like our responsibility and when you’re being yourself or sharing your gifts things happen.”

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