Letters to the Editor: Will F.C. Police Enforce Traffic Laws for Cyclists?



Letters to the Editor: September 25 – October 1, 2014

Will F.C. Police Enforce Traffic Laws for Cyclists?


It was great to see the article about the City of Falls Church’s new bicycle road markings, or sharrows, written by Jody Fellows in last week’s News-Press.

But with the new markings, is the Falls Church Police Department going to enforce traffic laws for bicycles like they do for cars? If not, then the Economic Development Authority has created an unsafe nightmare for all that live and commute in the Little City.

Cyclists do not obey stop signs at road crossings within the city now, so why should they do the same for laws within the city?

It’s a bad idea and should have been brought up to people who work, live and drive in the City of Falls Church.

Jesse Grant

Via the Internet


Charm of ‘The Little City’  Is Gone



Regarding Mark Potts’ letter in last week’s paper: Finally!

Someone else sees what a lot of us have been talking about. The charm of “The Little City” is gone. City of Falls Church only cares about money.

What may happen to the corner of Broad and West streets is awful and will cause many to rethink the little city. I sure am.

Vicki Kimmel

Falls Church


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