Letters to the Editor: Besen is Right, U.S. Needs High Speed Rail


Letters to the Editor: August 21 – 27, 2014


Besen is Right, U.S. Needs High Speed Rail


I want to compliment Wayne Besen on his column “Time to bring Bullet Trains to America” in the Falls Church News-Press. The rest of the world recognizes that high speed rail is beneficial to the populace and business. A recent international meeting on that subject in Philadelphia drew 137 countries that don’t consider high speed less than 175 miles per hour.

Dr. Robert Goddard, famous in rocketry, wrote a college paper on magnetically levitated trains in 1905! Germany and Japan have demonstrated Maglev for 20 years – they are fast, silent and low maintenance. A small prototype of a superior, lower cost all-American system has been in operation by Shapery Enterprises San Diego for over a year.

They are based on high reliability, efficient NASA originated technology and patented in the U.S.A but receiving no notice by Federal Rail Administration, Department of Energy or Department. of Transportation.

Philip A. Studer

Silver Spring, Calif.


Sharp Contrast in Front Page FCNP Stories Last Week



It couldn’t be funnier the contrast between the two front-page articles in last week’s Falls Church News-Press.

The lead article deals with citizens wanting “transportation plan must precede land use changes” and smaller article deals with a massive project – previously described as rivaling Tysons Corner and Mosaic District! – with not a word about roads, traffic, parking, or other such trifles. Aren’t infrastructure and logistical issues worth identifying/addressing before such projects are considered, let alone approved?

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church


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