Casual Pace Characterizes School Bond Campaign So Far

Photo: News-Press
Photo: News-Press

At last night’s Falls Church School Board work session, almost two hours expired before the subject got around to what efforts are being undertaken around the November school bond referendum, when citizens will be asked to approve a $15 million bond to expansion and renovate the Mt. Daniel Elementary School. According to board member John Lawrence, who along with colleague Lawrence Webb has been tasked with spearheading the effort, there has as yet been no key organizers or groups who have stepped forward to rally the community for passage of the referendum. Elementary and high school PTAs will be expected to carry that weight, Lawrence told the News-Press, but so for none of them have voted to approve a level of support.

The Falls Church Fall Festival on Sept. 11 will be a critical date for getting a campaign revved up, Lawrence told the board. It is expected that a presence will be made there for citizens to indicate their support. Technically, the School Board cannot openly advocate for passage of the bond, he indicated, but can provide information to help voters make the right decision. Other groups like the League of Women Voters and Chamber of Commerce will be contacted to the same purpose, the group was told.

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