Letters to the Editor: Disappointed City Police Ticket for Broken Taillights


Letters to the Editor: July 31 – August 6, 20 14

Disappointed City Police Ticket for Broken Taillights


Having paid taxes to support the Falls Church City Police Department and contributing to fundraisers for 33 years in F.C., I am disappointed to learn that the simple misdemeanor offense stated in Jeffry Copp’s Letter to the Editor last week cost a local resident nearly $95 in ticket, fine and fees. This uncompassionate action by a Falls Church police officer ranks right up there with predatory towing.

If there is more to this story, then the F.C. police spokesperson should defend their course of action. If this story is true, as it was stated in the News-Press letter, then Jeffry Copp should be reimbursed for the unprincipled costs he endured with an apology from the residents of Falls Church for the ridiculous overreach by a City police officer.

Falls Church citizens are a much better people than what this letter represented us to be and we certainly would expect better behavior from surrounding jurisdictions’ police officers for our F.C. drivers with a possible burned-out taillight.

James Dryden



Appreciate Benton’s ‘Children of the Great War’ Series

I live in Falls Church and regularly read the News-Press. I have been heartened by Nicholas Benton’s series “We Remain Children Of the Great War.” As I was reading the most recent installment with my wife she turned to me to declare “This is exactly what you always say!”

I would just like to say thank you for publicly declaring what is so true: political decisions are what cause wars. It is the choices made by those who are considered our leaders that lead to much of the world’s suffering, particularly on the scale experienced over the past century.

As a writer of historical fiction, it is my goal to write first person emotional short stories that attempt to teach the same lesson one reader at a time. Thank you for working toward the same goal!

Jeremy Strozer

Falls Church


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