Letters to the Editor: Fairfax School Board Makes Community the Victims


Letters to the Editor: August 7 – 13, 2014


Fairfax School Board Makes Community the Victims


After reading Mr. Moon’s Guest Commentary last week regarding the fact that East Fairfax has not been short changed, I feel compelled to respond. Mr. Moon is sadly mistaken and needs to walk for a while in our shoes.

Unfortunately, school board members and other elected officials are consistently making our community victims of their experiments in what they pass off as innovative when in fact it doesn’t take into consideration what we as community will have to endure as a result of ill conceived failure to consider unintended consequences. How will families, which already struggle to get their children off to school, do now when they have to deliver children to two locations? These decisions devalue our homes and make even more undesirable the neighborhoods that continue to struggle with underperforming schools.

Do you realize, Mr. Moon, that had you at the county considered that the library, which is undergoing renovation, shares property lines with that severely overcrowded school? That library needed to go to the urban site that you at the county so eagerly want to experiment with our lives and the values of our homes, while we watch you waste our tax dollars.

Mr. Moon, we do expect to have quality schools and do expect that the challenges we face will be addressed in logical and efficient ways. Unfortunately, your commentary and lack of support for Delegate Kory makes me feel that we are in for just more of the same bad government that has created the mess we find ourselves in. Sound and pragmatic decisions that correctly address the needs of our community are what we need to see.

Warren Joseph Pace, Jr.

Falls Church


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