Letters to the Editor: More Than ‘Broken Asphalt, Concrete’ at Broad & West


Letters to the Editor: July 24 – 30, 2014


More Than ‘Broken Asphalt, Concrete’ at Broad & West


I attended Monday night’s walking tour of the proposed Broad and West development plan area, as well as the meeting afterward where the plan was presented to the Falls Church City Council, the Planning Commission and an overflowing room of interested and affected residents and neighbors.

Though it’s an understatement to say that the northeast corner of the Broad and West Streets intersection can use a face lift, I would also bring to your attention that the land comprising this corner is indeed more than simply “broken asphalt and concrete now,” as noted in the News-Press’ online article Tuesday. It is currently home to 18 individual businesses, which will be displaced, and whose owners’ and employees’ livelihoods will be seriously impacted by this project. I hope the good citizens of the City of Falls Church will support these beloved neighborhood businesses during this process.

Susan Andalora 

Falls Church 


Safety of Renters Not Important in Falls Church?


I found it ironic to read of the frenzy for traffic calming in Falls Church after a local student was injured by a vehicle. I did not see the story about the accident, so I know nothing about the circumstances, or if pedestrian distraction was involved. However, I wish a similar degree of concern had been in play for the four-plus years of lives being risked trying to cross W. Broad Street to avail oneself of local eateries nowhere near a traffic signal.

But perhaps the safety of renters – the City of Falls Church’s lower caste – is not as important, not even enough for a crosswalk near Panera.

Anne Hajduk 

Falls Church


Check Tail Lights Before Driving in City of F.C.


I was recently driving in Falls Church when a Falls Church police officer pulled me over. I wasn’t speeding. He told me that my right rear passenger side tail light was out. I thanked him for telling me and hoped that was the end of it. Fifteen minutes later, the F.C. police officer presented a ticket to me. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy. The ticket cost me $30, plus a $61 processing fee, plus a 4 percent charge when I paid with my credit card. Couldn’t there have been a warning instead of a ticket?
Everyone, check your lights before entering City of Falls Church limits.

Jeffry Copp



Thanks for Besen Column on Political Divisiveness


Thank you to Wayne Besen for his column on the history of our divisive politics. I’m a bit too young to remember Richard Mellon Scaife, but I do hope readers will take a moment to reconsider Barry Goldwater. They can do so by searching online for “Barry Goldwater + gay rights.”

A 1994 Washington Post article by Lloyd Grove wittily recounts his support for gay rights and abortion rights, his disregard for the religious right in politics, and his respectful support for Hillary Clinton. We’ve lost sight of what true conservatism used to mean on the domestic front. Goldwater was literally one of the first to point out the ill wind blown by religious takeover of a party.

I’m not supporting all of his views, but we do need to be fair about his history. There are several articles online that one can read.

Storm Freeman

Falls Church


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