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Damaged Historic Tree on N. Washington St. to be Removed

(Photo: City of Falls Church)

An American Beech tree on private property at 407 N. Washington St. will soon be removed by the property owner. The tree is designated by as an Historic, Noteworthy, and Specimen Tree, which have been recorded by the Village Preservation and Improvement Society, the Tree Commission, and City Council. Unfortunately, the tree suffers from visible decay that cannot be abated.

“Last week, the special beech tree suffered its second major failure in a year’s time,” said City Arborist Kate Sutalo. “Because of the decay in each of the main limbs that remain, pruning will not be enough to ensure the tree’s survival, so I reluctantly agreed with the property’s arborist that the tree should be removed.”

The tree’s trunk is 44.5 inches thick with branches spread just over 50 feet wide. When the property was redeveloped into parking and office buildings, the tree was given a large preservation area, and the property owners have professionally monitored and cared for it since at least 2005.

The public is advised that walking under the tree is not safe as a large part is broken and dangling. Please be extremely cautious if going near the tree.