Letters to the Editor: Besen’s Argument Hurt By Ad Hominem Attacks


Letters to the Editor: June 5 – 11, 2014

Besen’s Argument Hurt By Ad Hominem Attacks

After reading Wayne Besen’s “Is Abortion Still Legal?” column last week complaining about legal restrictions on abortion in this country, I think someone needs to remind him of the adage that “ad hominem attacks are the refuge of the thoughtless.” Besen could have engaged in a thoughtful discussion of the topic that acknowledged the sincerity of those opposed to abortion, even if he doesn’t share the same viewpoint. Instead, he peppered his tirade against lawful abortion restrictions by calling those who oppose the practice of abortion “thugs,” “extremists,” “hypocritical” and people who presumably prefer “coat hangers,” among other attacks.

This does not appear to be the writing of someone who is confident in his position.

Declan Leonard

Falls Church


Love Brooks & Krugman Columns  In the News-Press


While I do not always agree with the editorial positions of the Falls Church News-Press, I love the Brooks and Krugman columns. They make you think and rarely include something so patently stupid it causes me to turnoff. Maureen Dowd is often OK too.

I also like to read the Virginia news. We get so little in the Washington Post these days. I know the large daily papers are under a lot of financial pressure. In the Post’s case part of it is that they forgot what a hometown newspaper is supposed to do. Focusing only on Washington, D.C. with moderate attention to Maryland and modest (at best) attention to Virginia has contributed to their situation.

Inclusion of rampant opinion while claiming to be bipartisan also contributes. Admitting partisanship, as in your case, is much more tolerable. I even like to review your advertising and do support your advertisers.

Keep up the good work.

Jerome L. Duncan



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