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F.C.’s Rites of Ash Wins Wammy

Falls Church’s own Rites of Ash won a Washington Area Music Award (Wammy) for Best Electronica Recording for Kept Me Up All Night, their 2013 dance/dubstep remix album. Rites of Ash was also selected by fans as the number three best band.

In addition, Rites of Ash had received nominations for Best Electronica Artist, and Lazzo (Ken Lasso) was nominated for Producer of the Year. The band was previously nominated in 2011 for Best Modern Rock Artist and Best Modern Rock Recording for Like Venom.

The band is composed of Lazzo on guitar, Alex Like on vocals, Toni Fisher on vocals, Tuomas Easton on keyboards, Ace (Josh Finks) on bass, Tevey (Stephen Rowley) former drummer, and MCO (Mauricio Rivero) current drummer.