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Jody’s Jam of the Week: Burger Days VII


This weekend, the beef and grease will fly when meat-loving hordes descend upon the District for the next installment of the never-ending chronicle of Washington, D.C.’s burger inventory, AKA Burger Days VII, goes down this Saturday.

For the uninformed, Burger Days are the meaty versions of bar crawls– only in addition to all the booze, revelers down burgers at each stop as well. The day kicks off at Shake Shack at 11 a.m. and the orgy of carnivorous consumption will continue in a greasy trail down Connecticut Avenue and beyond until the wee hours of the morning. And since it’s Oktoberfest after all, there’s a high probability lederhosen and yodeling will be involved.

Prepare accordingly.

What: Burger Days VII

When: Saturday, October 5, 11 a.m.

Where: Shake Shack, 1216 18th St NW, Washington, D.C.

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