Mild Winter Portends Insect Swarms

“The mild and wet winter has set the parameters for the largest termite swarm to ever be known in this region. The season is just beginning and as the weather gets warmer, I’m sure we’ll hear more reports of swarms and infestations across the region,” said Jeff Johnson, President of the Virginia Pest Management Association, this week.

“We are anticipating an active season, especially with the increased moisture in the Mid-Atlantic area. These weather conditions are very conducive to heightened termite activity.” Termite season for most subterranean termite species traditionally starts in early March and lasts through June. Swarming occurs when warmer temperatures set in and termites leave their colonies to find new nesting sites. Swarming may be the only obvious sign a homeowner has that they’ve had an infestation. However, lacking a swarm doesn’t mean your home is termite-free. Homeowners are encouraged to protect their properties with annual inspections from a qualified pest professional. “Termite infestations should not remain unchecked as termites cause $5 billion in property damage in the United States each year,” said Johnson. “Regular inspections and carefully considered treatment is necessary to stay on top of infestations and to protect most people’s largest investments-their homes.”