Fairfax ‘Most Wanted’ Site Undergoes Redesign

Fairfax County has reintroducing its ‘Most Wanted’ fugitives site, debuting the redesign this week with updated information and photos of alleged criminals. The county police department is using larger pictures and plainer language so the public can grasp more about the crimes involved, said department spokesperson Lucy Caldwell.

“We do get results from these and we do follow up leads,” Caldwell said. Police decide who to feature based on the severity of the offense, whether there is an investigative dead end, or if there’s an ongoing threat to the public. Formerly, the county police had two sites, a “Top 10” and a “Most Wanted,” that they have consolidated into one, and they’ve added access through a Twitter account. At this point, the county has 3,800 people who are “wanted.” Fairfax’s “Most Wanted” list can be viewed at