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Letters to the Editor: July 21 – 27, 2011

‘4 Horseman’ Telling Untruths Wrapped in Flag


Outlined against a blue-gray primary sky, The Four Horsewomen of the Apocryphal List rode again. In dramatic lore they were known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction and Death.

These are only aliases. Their real names are Sarah (“Show me the money!”) Palin, Michele (straight and narrow minded) Bauchman, Laura (“I only laugh at my own jokes.”) Ingraham and Ann Coulter(geist). They are the vanguard of hate loving conservatives that is tearing this country apart thru the public airwaves by calling themselves righteous Americans and that their message is what this country is and should be all about. These four are smart because they know that people who embrace their family values are too dumb to know they’ve being told untruths wrapped in patriotism.

Unfortunately their audience chooses to take the easy way out and not go any further than Fox News.

If you haven’t read Nicholas Benton’s piece (Bring Murdoch’s Empire Down) in the FCNP July 14 issue, please get a copy or go on line and read it a couple of times. Then choose what family you want to be part of.

Paul M. Levy

Via the Internet


Reader Surprised at Content Political Cartoon


Given this paper’s typical slant, I was more than a little surprised at the implication of the political cartoon on page 13 of the July 14-20 issue.

Could it be that we (the USA, local citizens or this paper, et al) are condoning profiling at the screening areas of the airport?

Just curious…

Scott Williamson

Falls Church


(Editor replies– This newspaper? No.)




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